Atelier Versace – Spring 2015 Couture

Versace’s latest collection obeyed and caressed the female figure, made up of flowing shapes that followed the curves of the woman it dressed. Donnatella’s cuts, and many a cut-out, were bending and asymmetric templates placed to accentuate and boast about the body, in a bold and zero-fuss palette of black, white, red and blue.

The show began with aesthetically simple looks that focused entirely on silhouette, not an embellishment to be seen. Block colour power suits and jumpsuits alike were finished with billowing flared legs, which balanced the female form and secured her purposeful, strutting feet to the ground. Halter necks cupped busts and wide, buckled belts emphasised waists. The solid colours and outlines made a strong and statuesque woman; astral queens.

It was only until quite a way into the collection that Versace introduced beading, adding some glimmering movement, but this quickly went from subtle to spilling like gowns of glistening oil. The beads began to morph themselves into the structures of the clothes and engulfed them whole, sewn in lines and grids, showing off flesh like a mesh of second-skin. As well as floor-length pieces baring all, there were mini dresses paired with knee-high boots, making this collection the epitome of hot, haute sex appeal.

By the final quarter of the show, Donnatella was giving us pieces with a potent dose of both her focuses combined: the geometric cut-out, the cascading shape of the female form, in equal parts to glossy, figure-hugging blankets of twinkling beads. Versace has created goddess-worthy gowns for Spring 2015. The paradox is that, whilst following the natural contours of the body, this couture collection has gone to a rather celestial, space-age place.

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Current Mood: 8th January 2015

We are only a week into 2015 and already dreaming of summer. Blame Spring/Summer collections being released in December and January.

Hot and sticky beach getaways, white bikinis against tanned skin, chunky gold jewellery and lush red lips, cocktails and fresh limes, high heels with mini skirts and shorts, salty, rolled hair, oversized sunglasses, black lashes coated in thick waterproof mascara, bright and shining finger and toe nails, drinking in the balmy evenings after drinking in the heavy heat.

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