Dark Bloody Blue: Mood / Inspiration Board

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She sits and sizzles at the poolside. Hot skin, cold fingertips, resting on her sweating glass of drink. Vivid blues of chlorinated water and powdery sky, hold up weeping palm trees and orange mountains lost in steam. Wet footprints across the concrete soon fade in the sun. She can smell the tyres burning on oven baked cars struggling to cool down; the sweet, Hawaiian Tropic on her knees and thighs; the sweat that is crawling down her neck. It is late afternoon, the saddest time of day, and not long to wait before the wicked night’s crush. But there is bliss to be […]

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Novel Opening: a University assignment from 2014 being brought to light

Fingertips - glitter nail varnish

I could not move when I woke up. Forced to lay in the glare of white sun, sliced into pieces by the blinds over the windows. The rings on my fingers pushed hard into my teeth through the skin of my cheek. Murky waters, like a swamp, swished back and forth over my sticky eyes. The scene grew cleaner, the place growing more and more unfamiliar. My flesh felt as if it were a bag full of damp sand, and I did not kid myself that I would be exploring soon. I did not kid myself that things would turn […]

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Cool Instagram Accounts You Should Follow: August 2016

Blair Breitenstein

And so a new blog post idea is born. I love Instagram, it’s by far the best social platform. I mean, I don’t even have a Twitter account, why bother when there’s Insta? A picture is worth a thousand words etc. No doubt I’ll eat my words one day. Here are a few fashion and photography accounts that you should also start following this month, each and all of them with their own unique flavour of GLAMOUR. Would I be a fan otherwise? Adam Rindy @adamrindy / www.adamrindy.com Colourful images of hot girls being simultaneously standoffish and flirtatious in sunny locations. Ongoing Americana theme […]

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3 miserable verses

A very vague novel idea. Here are some openings, although they all work well together as one. I like verse III the most. A novel that is like a contemporary American work, painfully real but very poetic in its awfulness. Reveals the misery of the mundane, the desperation of the every day. Finds romanticism within the ordinary. Something magical will happen to this otherwise average character – but the world will never lose its grittiness. No frills, in spite of it. – I. Up until now, any money I’ve had, I pissed it away. I don’t fucking know where any […]

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If you can’t find a friend, make one!

About to watch ‘May’ on Netflix again. I last watched it on a strange, sunny morning at home, and had to pause it for lunch. It is so peculiar and addictive. The perfect horror movie. I am painfully hungover and wanting something to get lost in and inspire me. Currently listening to Coheed & Cambria for this reason. Also have watched every Grimes interview I could find on YouTube. It all seems to be working.

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