Spinach Pici Pasta

spinach pici pasta

Jamie Oliver’s Family Superfood aired on Channel 4 the other night, and the ingredients of the spinach pici were so vivid and colourful, and it involved fluorescent green dough, and pine nuts, and loads of parmesan – so I had to try it right away. I upped the 1/2 teaspoon of chilli flakes to 1 or 2 teaspoons, which ended up giving the dish a perfect amount of warmth, and adding an extra courgette worked well too. Roll the pasta thinly to create a more delicate dish, and do not forget your 50 (or 100) grams of parmesan to finish the sauce. […]

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Cool Instagram Accounts You Should Follow: August 2016

Blair Breitenstein

And so a new blog post idea is born. I love Instagram, it’s by far the best social platform. I mean, I don’t even have a Twitter account, why bother when there’s Insta? A picture is worth a thousand words etc. No doubt I’ll eat my words one day. Here are a few fashion and photography accounts that you should also start following this month, each and all of them with their own unique flavour of GLAMOUR. Would I be a fan otherwise? Adam Rindy @adamrindy / www.adamrindy.com Colourful images of hot girls being simultaneously standoffish and flirtatious in sunny locations. Ongoing Americana theme […]

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Summer Legs

A leggy summer collage, ideas brewing. Putting together turquoise, greens, orange and black. Gucci buckles, Jimmy Choo sandals. Glamour glamour glamour. Thigh high boots. Palm trees poolside, all-in-one pieces, throw-on, effortless. “Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.” – Marilyn Monroe “Glamour is an imaginative process that creates a specific emotional response: a sharp mixture of projection, longing, admiration, and aspiration. It evokes an audience’s hopes and dreams and makes them seem attainable, all the while maintaining enough distance to […]

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3 miserable verses

A very vague novel idea. Here are some openings, although they all work well together as one. I like verse III the most. A novel that is like a contemporary American work, painfully real but very poetic in its awfulness. Reveals the misery of the mundane, the desperation of the every day. Finds romanticism within the ordinary. Something magical will happen to this otherwise average character – but the world will never lose its grittiness. No frills, in spite of it. – I. Up until now, any money I’ve had, I pissed it away. I don’t fucking know where any […]

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Colourful glamour, glamorous colour

A few original designs by Yasmin Leigh. Heavily beaded pieces, ruches of chiffon, figure-hugging bandage, jet hardware. A bold palette of blood orange, red, black, candy pink, eggshell blue and dark turquoise. Waist belted tightly and décolletage exposed. She is glamorous, dry, open-minded, and wants a hard drink a.s.a.p. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Eating the way you’re meant to in Madrid

The restaurants in Madrid frequented by the local Spanish people serve simplistic dishes that are full of singular, intense flavours. Fresh ingredients are centre stage; olive oil, sea salt and lemon are complimentary additions. The traditional paella is rich with dark, cooked tomato. The cuisine is modest, down to earth, and is absolutely all about the act of sharing food and drink with good company. Food bursting with love! Beautiful Madrid.

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