Simple salmon dinner

Glorious salmon with the skin still on. Season the skin of the salmon generously, and sear in a very hot, oiled frying pan. Always cook skin side first. To sit alongside, sautée some spinach, bake cherry tomatoes on the vine in the oven, and warm up skinless baby potatoes from the can. Requires lots of lemon juice to complete.

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‘Champagne and Wax Crayons’ by Ben Tallon

Being creative is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m trying too hard or if I’m lazy, but such is the doubt that comes hand in hand with creativity. Pursuing a creative career can be much harder than working your way up the ladder of 9 to 5’s. There is no set route, no guidelines, nobody setting you tasks, nobody setting you goals. It is such unknown, ever-changing territory, and there are never two stories the same from those who have been successful at making their passion their livelihood; a sure-fire strategy doesn’t exist. From a […]

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Work/Life Experience at GLAMOUR Magazine: Fashion Career Advice “to all struggling fashionistas”

Glamour magazine offices London

You hear over and over, “follow your passion, be true to yourself”, and frankly I am done with such phrases. What if you don’t yet know your exact passion? What if you don’t yet feel that you absolutely know your “self”, and you’re not convinced that it’s even possible? Because your “self” is always growing and changing, and you’re pretty sure that you were channeling Jessica Rabbit yesterday but have woken up this morning 100% Coachella-chic? It is difficult to be in limbo. Even if you’re failing at doing something, well – at least you’re definitely doing it. What I […]

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