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Summer Legs

A leggy summer collage, ideas brewing. Putting together turquoise, greens, orange and black. Gucci buckles, Jimmy Choo sandals. Glamour glamour glamour. Thigh high boots. Palm trees poolside, all-in-one pieces, throw-on, effortless.

fashion collage summer legs

“Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won’t like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.” – Marilyn Monroe

“Glamour is an imaginative process that creates a specific emotional response: a sharp mixture of projection, longing, admiration, and aspiration. It evokes an audience’s hopes and dreams and makes them seem attainable, all the while maintaining enough distance to sustain the fantasy.” – Virginia Postrel

Work/Life Experience at GLAMOUR Magazine: Fashion Career Advice “to all struggling fashionistas”

You hear over and over, “follow your passion, be true to yourself”, and frankly I am done with such phrases. What if you don’t yet know your exact passion? What if you don’t yet feel that you absolutely know your “self”, and you’re not convinced that it’s even possible? Because your “self” is always growing and changing, and you’re pretty sure that you were channeling Jessica Rabbit yesterday but have woken up this morning 100% Coachella-chic? It is difficult to be in limbo. Even if you’re failing at doing something, well – at least you’re definitely doing it.

What I know for certain is that I love fashion, truly, madly, deeply, and that as I stare hopelessly into glossy mag editorials and at online snaps of catwalk looks, I am my most inspired. But it’s all very vague. Where do I go from here? At my graduation, as I shook the hand of the university chancellor on stage in front of hundreds, she asked me, “What do you plan to do with your English degree?” My answer?: “Fashion!” Oh, Yasmin. How do you do fashion? She summed it all up in her reply, “That’s an interesting development”.

My work experience at GLAMOUR was one of the steps I took in trying to pinpoint how exactly I was going to “do” fashion. I’ve always read GLAMOUR, and the chance to become a part of the UK’s number one women’s magazine cannot be topped, so, I jumped on the opportunity to temporarily join the team. And the time I spent with them ended up being a much-welcomed eye-opener.

GLAMOUR creates for their reader, first and foremost. They don’t throw whatever they fancy in; they are always considering their audience. This has forced me to look at my own ambitions from another viewpoint. The question isn’t “What do I want to do?”, it’s actually, “What do I want to do for others? What can I offer them?” I don’t mean you should compromise on your vision to please everyone else. I’m saying consider the wider perspective. I’ve realised I will never find fulfillment if my purpose is directed nothing but inward. “I want to create for myself” versus “I want other people to recognise and be effected by this creation”. Which one will take you further?

Sitting in the GLAMOUR office, observing the team, and partaking in their creation of a magazine for the outside world, a world that rushed obliviously past their huge first-floor windows, was quietly inspiring. My experience with them, short but sweet, shook me a bit from my anti-climatic, “just-graduated” stupor. The copious amount of mail, product samples and event invites that the team receives each day is just one example of the fast pace of the industry. As I handed each parcel and envelope out around the office, as I transcribed interviews with globally successful actors, writers and icons, I was reminded that there is a lot more going on than totaljobs.com, perfecting our CV’s and making ourselves as “employable” as possible.

Although I haven’t exactly set myself up as a girl to take life-tips from, can I suggest: don’t worry so much about identifying your passion, or your “self”. Spend your energy ensuring that whatever you’re doing gives you a purpose that you believe in. It doesn’t have to be curing world hunger, however, if that is your purpose, please go head forth as soon as you can. I’ve done my best to quit the mindset that I am in a “limbo” state, and instead repeat the words of poet Ahunnaya, “I’m not lost, I’m on my way”. GLAMOUR was a stop off along that way; I had a wonderful time there with a wonderful team. To all struggling fashionistas, beauty product hoarders, writers, artists, unfocused and frustrated drifters – you are not lost, you’re on your way.

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Charlotte Simone and Emma Brewin – Fur Connoisseurs

Fur is becoming a key trend this A/W ’15. We are seeing it everywhere: on the catwalk, on the street, to wear out in the winter snow, or to lounge in with nothing else on but your panties and heels. In the ‘What’s Trending’ post a few days back, it was noted how fur was finding its way into a considerable amount of collections this season, and NYFW continues to confirm this observation. A furious act of glamour against the horrific cold of A/W. Hallelujah.

Charlotte Simone Fur Popsicle A/W 14

Charlotte Simone (charlottesimone.com) saw the possibilities of fur in 2011, and has since been creating accessories with equal measures luxury and functionality. There is nothing as glamorous as ease, effortlessness; as fabulous as “I threw this on in a rush”. Charlotte’s ‘Popsicle’ and ‘Candy Cane’ scarves offer one the opportunity to successfully channel this look, even whilst posing against the freezing, soul-biting winds of London.

Charlotte Simone Fur Candy Cane A/W 14

Then there is Emma Brewin, an up and coming fur designer whose Instagram (@emmabrewinfur) provides endlessly feminine, sexy and vintage inspiration. She designs fur with a grittier, less modern approach compared to Charlotte. Emma’s furs engulf and devour its woman, so over the top and loud, yet lazy, lounging over shoulders, fussy and zero-fuss all at the same time. Her pieces, embodying this paradox, epitomise indulgence and decadence – they are quite grotesque in proportion but oh so gorgeous.

Emma Brewin – Wylde Magazine

Below are possible ways to wear pieces by Emma and Charlotte, followed by one of the greatest street style images of all time – which happens to have fur as the centre piece.

How to style Charlotte Simone…

Black  / White / Olive Striped Popsicle Scarf by Charlotte Simone
Liv Cape by Toast
Synergy light 25 tights in Black by Wolford
Anouk Snakeskin Pump in ‘Fire’ by Jimmy Choo

How to style Emma Brewin…

Teal Fur Coat by Emma Brewin
Karlie Lingerie Set by Agent Provocateur
Europa Hold-Ups by Agent Provocateur
Pink Blade Suede Pumps by Casadei

How to wear throw-on fur perfectly…

Style board by Yasmin
Featured image credit to Nadia Lee Cohen, model wears Emma Brewin

Valentine’s Moodboard + Wishlist

Currently obsessing over the Bossa Nova vibe more than usual. Here is a Valentine’s moodboard slash wishlist, including accompanying playlist, channelling glamorous and sweaty, drunken summer nights.

Click on image to enlarge

Coco Collar White Midi Dress by Boom Boom Boutique

Lavish Alice Playsuit with Lace Up Sleeves @ ASOS

D’Orsay Heels by Missguided

Parais Evil Eye Bracelet by Eyelavish

Rihanna’s huge drop hoops.

Glacier cherry red day-glo lipgloss, teeth whitened.

Palm trees along the street, outside an old and expensive apartment building, girls hanging from the balconies with pina coladas in their manicured hands.

Lisa Evangelista staring up at the afternoon sky, wondering how it is that she’s already so hazy.

3 Looks I Love + What’s Trending

Adam Lippes
High-low white knit, dusky pink fur shorts, mink satin lace-up heels.

Burberry Prorsum
Cropped leopard-print fur jacket, simple geo-print silk scarf, cropped black skinny trousers, fur and buckle detail handbag, leather peep-toe booties.

Calvin Klein
Tan cropped long-sleeve knit, nude fur tote bag with chain handle, nude suede mini skirt with suede belt.

To conclude, there is fur everywhere at the moment, but I feel that is simply an outcome of a bigger picture. A diverse and eclectic mixing of luxurious fabrics is the trend here. Texture texture texture. Contrasting colours are NOT happening at the minute – we want smaller colour palettes with a wider range of materials. An indulgent trend, yet the limited use of colours balances this with class.