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Cool Instagram Accounts You Should Follow: August 2016

And so a new blog post idea is born. I love Instagram, it’s by far the best social platform. I mean, I don’t even have a Twitter account, why bother when there’s Insta? A picture is worth a thousand words etc. No doubt I’ll eat my words one day. Here are a few fashion and photography accounts that you should also start following this month, each and all of them with their own unique flavour of GLAMOUR. Would I be a fan otherwise?

Adam Rindy
@adamrindy / www.adamrindy.com
Colourful images of hot girls being simultaneously standoffish and flirtatious in sunny locations. Ongoing Americana theme with plenty of cacti, cars and cocktails. Perfect.

@helenamaty for @cocodiscocollection

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Haris Nukem
@harisnukem / www.harisnukem.com
More hot girls. All covered in sweat and lust, eyes and skin exaggerated to touchable levels of grit and realness.




Kevin Oh
@__kevohin / www.ohkevin.com
Minimalistic frames of block colour still life and portraiture, telling uncanny stories of mundane life, and the strange prettiness of it all.




Blair Breitenstein
@blairz / www.blairabreitenstein.com
Energetic and fabulous fashion illustrations, taking inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s. Gorgeous caricatures that masterfully capture that inimitable essence of the siren.

Four Flamingos

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Prada and specs

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