‘Love’ by Lana Del Rey Lyrics – New Song

lana del rey love music video and lyrics

‘Love’ is the first single off of Lana’s new album. In her latest live Instagram stream, she described the aesthetic of the new album as having “a retro sensibility with a futuristic flair”, which can be seen in the achingly surreal music video for the latest release. Moreover however, I feel the most beautiful element of this piece of work is the lyrical message of the song. Lana encompasses that strange, bittersweet sensation of youth and being lost and impassioned, masterfully. I say masterfully because it is achieved, actually, so simplistically and effortlessly, with modestly powerful metaphors and language, yet it doesn’t patronise. The […]

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Lana Del Rey’s ‘Honeymoon’ Album Review

Whilst ‘Ultraviolence’, Lana’s last album, rode a theme of desperation, loneliness and unrequited, abusive love, ‘Honeymoon’ is about a love laced with quivering hope, freedom and vengeance – so only more tormenting. Lyrically, Lana has somewhat brought back the sass of her debut album ‘Born To Die’. Melodically, she has not returned to pop, and sings longing, legato notes in her high, Marilyn-esque pitch. For tracks such as ‘High By The Beach’ however, we do hear the lower end of her range, pining over distorted, hip-hop beats. Throughout the album, the epic, natural string section that Lana is so well known for […]

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