‘Love’ by Lana Del Rey Lyrics – New Song

lana del rey love music video and lyrics

‘Love’ is the first single off of Lana’s new album. In her latest live Instagram stream, she described the aesthetic of the new album as having “a retro sensibility with a futuristic flair”, which can be seen in the achingly surreal music video for the latest release. Moreover however, I feel the most beautiful element of this piece of work is the lyrical message of the song. Lana encompasses that strange, bittersweet sensation of youth and being lost and impassioned, masterfully. I say masterfully because it is achieved, actually, so simplistically and effortlessly, with modestly powerful metaphors and language, yet it doesn’t patronise. The […]

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Kids in Heat – Hannah Lou Clark – Lyrics

I was swimming in your eyes, at the heart of the storm, until the earth washed me up in the belly of a beast. I was dancing in your eyes, at the brow of your mind, until the earth drew me back through the turnstile. We’re just kids in heat, bodies in a reckless beat. We’re just kids in heat, waiting ’til we find our feet. Let me wipe away your tears, lick the salt from your skin, until we can’t tell where you end and I begin. I’ve been dreaming of your eyes, in the blue of the storm, instant replays in […]

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‘Phantom’ – Leigh

Lily-white beauty, never gets dirty, even her bare cold feet. She is the phantom we want to become, nameless and careless and free. She is the nightmare, yellow-eyed creature, giggling, sweet white teeth. Dying, so tired, gimme your powers, voices deep as the sea. She is the lighthouse, bring ’em in closer, sugar-kiss on her tongue. Trying forever but I don’t get better, she is all that we want. Open up and tell me how, how to break these chains, kiss me in the darkness, baby girl, let it go, let it go, makes me crazy waiting for you. Lily-white […]

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