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Five red heels for an LBD

I came across an image months ago now of a beautiful blonde girl wearing a black off-the-shoulder tiered mini dress, paired with startlingly red, lace-up high heels. She looked effortless – by teaming an otherwise quiet looking LBD and black studded clutch with fuck-me pumps, it appeared that she had put the heels on just because she loved them. She wasn’t trying to make her outfit work, she was just enjoying herself and fashion. Of course, I have most likely been entranced by her chicness and the outfit in reality took many nights to think up so well. The fantasy is far sexier in the moment though, so we all go with that.

With this image in my head for weeks, and no opportunity as of yet to sport a fluorescent red stiletto, I found myself surfing Lyst for flame-coloured high heels that I couldn’t afford. They are as follows (from left to right):

Women’s Red Sandals by Sebastian – £278 down from £377
These have the toe-shape made popular again by Saint Laurent’s Classic Jane sandal, but I have always desperately loved a sandal with a square toe. They follow the foot far more closely, and the blunt end of them is also trendy, so they are simultaneously elegant and cool. These Sebastian heels also feature spaghetti thin straps akin to candy store strawberry laces. They are catwalk meets bananashoes.com (take a look) and I love it.

Women’s Red Sandals by Le Silla – £107 down from £325
A bit more metal, a little less tart, these Le Silla sandals have a nice amount of attitude. I became so serious in my mission to find red heels I could not afford, that I began thinking practically too, and was enamoured by this pair’s calling for some URL-blue jeans. Vicious and versatile.

Women’s Red Sandals by Pinko – £206
These are here firstly for the sexy steepness of the sole, and secondly for their subtly flared stiletto heel. They are movie house-wife gone awry, or a college prom ankle waiting to break, but either way they’d look bloody fantastic with a tan, as would the teeny tiny LBD. Add plastic, oversized sunglasses and hoop earrings to further cheapen your look, until you appear to be rather somebody with too much money to care.

Women’s Red Sandals by DSquared2 – £219 down from £468
This is the pair that I can’t take the piss out of. Elaborate, refined, endlessly detailed and soaked in historical influences. Of all things, I appreciate the elasticated slingback strap. Anything that slips on instantly bumps up effortlessness levels which we all know positively correlates with glamorousness.

Women’s Red Pumps by Le Silla – £115 down from £289
Le Silla appears again, and these pumps are rather devilish, with their sharp, pointed toe and caged straps. Otherwise however, what more can I say about these? Well, that is exactly their charm: scarily casual for a red patent 4-inch stiletto heel, an overlap of outrageous and ordinary is always sexy and intriguing.